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Andersen's Dolphin Academy

We are deeply indebted and grateful for the DEANs support of Andersen's Dolphin Academy Teachers! While many are familiar faces, we are fortunate to have some new additions as well! Each brings their own personality, experiences, and expertise to our program. Dolphin Academy Teachers provide a variety of support to our teachers and students. They meet 1:1 with our primary students in administering assessments and pull small groups to support and enrich all students! As needs change, so will our outstanding Dolphin Academy Teachers. Know that all of our students are benefiting from this program- we are so fortunate and appreciative of the DEANs’ support!!!

Differentiation is a critical high-impact teaching strategy used by teachers to craft lessons and projects that provide the right amount of support and challenge for every student. This structure is flexible, allowing students the opportunity to exit a support group once it no longer presents a need and move into the opportunity to be challenged. Both groups are intended to extend the learning of the lesson. Andersen is excited to offer both extension activities and enrichment projects.

Enrichment projects are projects based on a topic the student is interested in that will lead to new in-depth learning or be based on the topic discussed in the classroom. To help challenge these students, teachers will create enrichment projects that allow them to dig deeper into the content. These projects can use students' prior knowledge as a baseline, and the project will push the student deeper into the topic. The project enhances a student's education by bringing new concepts to light or using old ideas in new ways.

In short:

  • Enrichment projects and extension activities challenge gifted students without extra work when they are finished with classroom work.
  • Enrichment projects and extension activities allow students to apply new knowledge to the next level.
  • Enrichment projects and extension activities allow gifted students not to do repetitive work. (Gifted students resist repetitive work.)
  • Enrichment projects and extension activities allow students to have their own educational experiences.

We know that by utilizing our Dolphin Academy Teachers, Andersen students will have every opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Andersen Elementary is proud to provide extended learning time with one of the seven certified teachers generously funded by the Dean's Group. Extension classes create additional time and opportunities for students and teachers to connect over their content. Extension classes are provided to students identified as needing extra support and those ready for a challenge!