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School Loop Registration

Our district uses School Loop to host our school and classroom websites. To access student classroom assignments you must register with School School using your student’s ID. Being registered also allows you to receive daily “news” and a link to our district’s calendar.

To register as a parent – go to our school homepage and click on “Register” then select “Parent” and follow the steps. To access information about more than 1 student – once you are logged in you can click “Add Student” on your personal portal to add additional students. Then click on each name to be connected to her/his classroom information. (Do not re-register for additional students - you should have one parent account with all students added to the one account.)

To help your student register – go to our school homepage at and click on “Register” then select “Student” and follow the steps. (You must do this step for every student.) Please let me know if you have any problems accessing or logging in to any of the websites.