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About Me


My name is Christy Delaney, and I have loved being an educator for the past eighteen years. This is my fourteenth year teaching at Andersen Elementary! Time sure flies when you're having fun! I have taught grades 2-5 during my tenure at Andersen.

I attended Azusa Pacific University and graduated with a BFA in 1992.  This led to me to the path of teaching, as I went on to earn both a single subject secondary teaching credential in fine art, followed by an elementary multiple subject credential. In 2007, I graduated with a masters degree in education.

Very shortly after graduating with my MA, my husband, Michael and I welcomed our first daughter into our lives. She is now 11 years old and our youngest is 6. When I have some free time, I enjoy reading, collecting new ideas on Pinterest, visiting family, going to vintage swap meets,  and getting outdoors to enjoy beautiful Orange County.

I am looking forward to another great school year!

A Little Reminder About Deliveries to School

Please do not bring your child's school work up to the office after school has begun, as it will not be accepted as being on time. It is important that students this age start learning responsibility, making sure that planners, homework, etc. are packed up before bedtime and ready to go for the following day, of course, with parents' help. It's O.K. for students to experience both simple consequences and rewards for bringing in or forgetting work. This is a great year of growth for students of this age, so thank you for helping us with this.

Forgotten lunches and other deliveries during school hours must be left in the school office. Classrooms will not be interrupted to announce the arrival of a lunch or other items. For the delivery of birthday treats, please talk to your child’s teacher prior to the date and deliver the treats five minutes before the end of the school day.  Parents please meet your child's class at the lunch tables and pass out treats outside while the class sings “Happy Birthday.”  Of course healthy treats are strongly encouraged.


Mrs. Delaney

Welcome back to school! I am excited to begin another school year teaching 4th grade at Andersen!

Please line up outside our classroom (room 4). It is located opposite the portables.  

  Mrs. Delaney's 

Fourth Grade Class

Room 4


Moving On To Fifth Grade Suggested Novel Reading List for Summer choose at least 2:

  •   Buyea, Rob (author): Because of Mr. Terupt

  •   Curtis, Christopher Paul (author): The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963

  •   Gantos, Jack (author): Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

  •   Plus any books of your choice, of course (bring your recommendations to

    school) and include some nonfiction picture books or interesting biographies


  •   Choose a central theme or leading idea that runs through each plot. Use detailed character description to describe what happens in the story. Write a separate essay about each piece of literature you read.

  •   Lifebook Journal some of your favorite summer adventures in the remaining pages of your fourth grade Lifebook.


  •   Make or buy multiplication and division flash cards know your basic facts to 12

  •   Find an educational website and practice adding and subtracting fractions. Practice your place value concepts.

    Typing and Cursive Practice:

  •   Pick an educational website to practice TYPING (go to Mrs. Kirschs website at for some links) so you can master using ALL 10 FINGERS on the keyboard without looking, as well as the 10-key number pad

  •   Practice writing your cursive maybe in your Lifebook? 

 Parents, please stop by after school, send a note with your child, or email me at with any questions or concerns.



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Renaissance Home Connect

Renassaince Learning Home Connect - use this link to stay up-to-date on your students AR quizes and tests and Accelerated Math & Math Facts in a Flash.

Click here for AR Resources

Read the following to ...more

Spelling City

Use this link to practice spelling -


Other Spelling Homework Ideas 

Each night as part of your homework you are to practice your spelling words. Here are some fun and different ways to practice your words other than spellingcity. 

  • Write your words in order from the shortest to the longest. Paint your words with water and a paint brush on the sidewalk. 
  • Write your words with a crayon or marker. Try changing colors for vowels or word endings. 
  • Take a practice test to see which words you still need to practice. 
  • Type your words on the computer. 
  • Write your words in the air and say the letters at the same time. 
  • Write each word as many times as there are letters in the word. 
  • Take a stick and spell each word in the sand or dirt. 
  • Rainbow write your words using crayons or colored pencils. Trace over each word with one color. Then write it again with a different color. Do this with three different colors. 
  • Write your words on someone's back. 
  • Write only the words you missed on a practice test three times each. 
  • Write your spelling words in a sentence. 
  • Spell your words orally while you are in the car. 
  • Use a white board to write your words. 
  • Play a game of hangman using spelling words.