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Janet Bissett

Swun Math 10/13

The following are videos of the lessons we are teaching in class.  We will review and test on Unit 2 by the end of the week.  Please review videos with your child if the homework is a challenge.


G2 U2 Lesson 6: Skip Count by 2s within 1000, 
G2 U2 Lesson 7: Skip Count by 5s, Conceptual Video
G2 U2 Lesson 8: Skip Count by 5s, Procedural
G2 U2 Lesson 9: Skip Count by 10s, Conceptual
G2 U2 Lesson 10: Skip Count by 10s, Procedural
G2 U2 Lesson 11: Skip Count by 100s, Conceptual
G2 U2 Lesson 12: Skip Count by 100s, Procedural

10/13 Language Arts



  • We are now in our RTI groups 3 days a week. Our Language Arts units will be taught in these groups and will include Key elements of Story Structure to include opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic, state an opinion and supply reasons to support that opinion. 
  • Our leveled RTI groups have been learning how to write nonfiction informational paragraphs.  They learned and wrote about spiders.
  • We are continuing our emphasis on parts of a sentence, writing complete sentences and using correct grammar.
  • Making Connections in reading and writing is also our goal this week.  Our book reviews will include a connection: Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self. or Text-to-World.


Dates to Remember

  • Oct. 6 Book Fair begins

  • Oct. 8 Walk to School Day

  • Reflections Contest begins: "The World Would be a Better Place if....." theme After School Reflections Workshop:Wednesday, Oct. 1 1:30-3:30

Weekly Routines

All Homework is due each Friday.

Math Facts Tests are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Spelling Tests are always on Fridays.

Our Library Day is Tuesday, all books due on Monday.

Go to: for weekly spelling activities!


School begins at 8:00am each day.  No student may be on campus before 7:45am without a parent.  Attendance will be taken when the second bell rings.  "In Line, On Time."

Dismissal is at 2:40 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 1:10 on Wednesdays.  

On rainy days, students who are here at 7:45am or later may report directly to their classrooms.

There are no dogs on campus.  

All persons must check in at the front office before coming on campus, which includes the playground and all doors along the perimeter of the school.

Please call the absence line if your child is absent.

Birthday celebrations will be held outside during the last five minutes of the school day.

No calls will be put through to the classrooms during instructional time.  Parents are welcome to leave voicemails for teachers, or emails.  Messages to individual students will be placed in the teacher's mailbox.

Students are to follow the school dress code.

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